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January 8,1942 - March 14, 2018

a tribute to his legacy

volume 25

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You don’t need high I.Q. to be smart.

You need QUOTES ‘N QUIZ!

QUOTES ‘N QUIZ is an absorbing word-game that challenges players to solve or decode quotations from speeches and writings of the great and famous. Quotes ‘N Quiz Puzzles come as a wholesome and challenging family pastime and is considered by those who have tried them, as more absorbing and more educational than crosswords and other puzzles, and as – “The Puzzle for the Smart!” (QUOTES ‘N QUIZ’s slogan). It is a puzzle for the smart!


The quotations are culled from various authors based on human interest and positive values. We have observed that QUOTES ‘N QUIZ has strong following among adults, 40 and over and among high school and college students, 14 to 24 of age. The elder citizens claim that QUOTES ‘N QUIZ is therapeutic and helps control Alzheimer’s disease while the young find QUOTES ‘N QUIZ challenging and educational.


A Filipino innovation of cryptogram, QUOTES ‘N QUIZ was developed in 1992 and was first introduced as a puzzle game to promote readership of one broadsheet newspaper in 1993 and 1994. Due to strong demand from readers, the puzzle, after the promo period, was adapted as a daily regular feature in the entertainment section of the same broadsheet and in one business newspaper, magazines and school publications.

Today, QUOTES ‘N QUIZ comes out daily in the World Section of “The Philippine Star” (The Philippine Star is one of the leading broadsheets in the Philippines).
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QUOTES ‘N QUIZ is a new craze in the Philippines and is excellent for memory enhancement.

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