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To decode the quotation simply supply the correct letter in each box.
The same number corresponds to the same letter.


Some helpful tips to decode the quotations:
1. The number in each box corresponds to a letter of the alphabet: same number, same letter.

2. Continue supplying the correct letter in each box until you are able to decode the hidden message.

3. Consider the following clues:
• Start with one- or two-letter words. A one-letter word is either A or I.
• A letter after an apostrophe is either ‘S, ‘T or ‘D.
• Two letters after an apostrophe are either ‘RE, ‘VE or ‘LL
• A word that ends with G is normally preceded by IN.
• Double letters at the end of a word are SS, EE, FF, LL and OO.
• A long word that ends in SS is usually preceded by NE or LE
• Most often used one-syllable words with double-letters are: ALL, WELL, WILL, SEE, FREE, KNEE, TREE, TOO and OFF.
• K is usually preceded by consonant C, N or R while Q is always followed by U and another vowel; V is often followed by E.


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